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Power Pops With Hoodia, 30 Pops, From Fun Unlimited 10 Day Supply

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Hoodia Lollipops

1 Bag Power Pops Assorted Flavors $28.95 each 30 lollipops per bag
3 bags Assorted $26.20 each
7 bags Assorted $24.06 each
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Cherry Power Pops 1 bag $28.95
Chocolate Mousse 1 bag $28.95
Pink Lemonade 1 bag $28.95
Mountain Berry 1 bag $28.95
Root Beer Float 1 bag $28.95
Cinnamon 1 bag $28.95
Butter Pecan 1 bag $28.95
Green Apple 1 bag $28.95
Pina Colada 1 bag $28.95
Watermelon Power Pops 1 bag $28.95

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NOTE: Fun Unlimited has notified us that there is a 7 to 14 days backlog on future shipments of Powerpops. We have been carrying them for 2 years now and this product does work and is worth the wait. Hoodia Power Pops orders will be filled on a first come first served basis. All order will be send by Priority Mail in ensure faster delivery. (2-3 days once they are in stock). I am sorry that we do not have enough staff on hand to answer questions about the back order status. Please stay posted to this website for Powerpop updates.

Each bag of lolipops come in assorted bags containing 30 pops each. Powerpops come in the following flavors: Assorted, Cherry, Root Beer, Chocolate Moouse, Pina Collida, Mountain Berry, Pink Lemonade, Green Apple, Butter Pecan, Watermelon and Cinnamon

Power Pops with Hoodia Information

Now you can "Eat Candy and Lose Weight," with our new "earth shaking" all natural, breakthrough: Power-Pops.

These delicious Hoodia lollipops do not contain Caffeine or other types of ingredients that "speed" you up. We have designed a Patent Pending, all natural, synergistic blend of herbs that work.

Just have one 30 minutes before each meal, with water, and whenever you feel the craving to snack. You will start to feel benefits immediately! Suggested Use: One Power-Pop 30 minutes before each meal to suppress appetite or as needed to curb cravings or for energy.

Why PowerPops?

It's hard to lose weight. The safe and effective Power-Pops formula (patent pending) uses five natural ingredients to suppress appetite and provide energy. PowerPops have approximately 32 calories, less than 10% of a typical candy bar, and PowerPops have NO FAT! Now you can eat candy and LOSE WEIGHT too!

Benefits of "Power Pops" Hoodia Weight Loss Lollipops

  • It is a simple and inexpensive way to lose weight
  • Powerpops are made with natural ingredients!
  • It suppresses hunger and food cravings for hours at a time
  • They also provides a boost of energy
  • And a Hoodia PowerPop tastes great!

Hoodia Power Pops Ingredient list

  • Hoodia - A natural ingredient from South Africa used in weight loss for hundreds of years to aid in suppressing the appetite and works with the receptors to signal satisfaction.
  • Citrimax: A natural ingredient in weight loss products for over 30 years; suppresses appetite and helps burn fat.
  • L-Tyrosine (Amino Acid): Suppresses appetite, helps reduce body fat.
  • Vitamin B6: involved in more body functions than almost any other single nutrient, helps absorb fats, and reduces water retention.
  • Vitamin B12: Helps with proper digestion, absorption of foods, and metabolism of carbohydrates and fats
  • Guarana: Combined with vitamins B6 and B12, helps to reduce fatigue and increase mental alertness
  • Natural Flavors

Read the Lollipops candy diet here.

Earn With Hoodia Power Pop

Weight loss is a 60 billion dollar market in the United States alone, where more than 98 million people are overweight. Click below to learn how to make fantastic commissions helping these people lose weight effortlessly and consistently.

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